2013 Speakers

Michelle Barry
President and CEO, Centric Inc.

With a doctorate in sociocultural and medical anthropology and an arts degree in visual communications, Michelle develops new approaches for articulating brand and retail experiences through the lens of consumer culture. Michelle has spent the past 15 years pioneering innovative methods and strategic analytic frameworks to truly get underneath the nuances of human behavior and sensory experiences that lead to successful brand, product and retail experiences.

Michelle is the president and CEO of Centric Brand Anthropology, an experience design studio focused on the intersections of consumer culture, influential trends and data streams and the human sensory experience. Prior to Centric, Michelle served for 12 years at the Hartman Group as senior vice president, developing and managing research, trends, innovation and consulting divisions. Prior to the Hartman Group, Michelle spent five years in managerial and clinical positions in traditional healthcare and complementary alternative medical fields. She also owned a visual communications business delivering brand and design elements.

Michelle has co-authored two books: “Reflections on a Cultural Brand” and “Marketing in the Soul Age,” has appeared on MSNBC, NPR, CNN and Oxygen, speaks routinely at national events, and appears frequently in national and industry publications as a thought leader in human behavior and cultural trends.

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